At this time of year, I get a lot of enquiries about dry skin, even I feel it, although I would not term my skin dry.  What is first and foremost the most important item – WATER.  But there are many ways we can have water around us.  Many years ago I was at a lecture and heard a nutritionist say, yes you need to drink water every day, all day long, but how are you drinking it?  You should be sipping it, like fine champagne, not guzzling a whole glass back.  If you sip water every 15 mins, it will actually get absorbed in your body and you will not have to urge to pee like when you drink beer.  Carrying the water bottle with you or having a cup on your desk is very important…then sip at it…not drink.  It really is easier to get 2 litres of water into for the day that way.

Secondly, the other thing that I did years ago, is I went into a cigar store and bought a portable digital humidity indicator.  For cigars, humidity is very important, so you know you can get an accurate one.  Once a year, I have to replace the battery, but I can quickly see, what is the humidity, in the upstairs, main floor and basement.  At one point in the winter, we forgot about setting up the humidifier and it got down to 18% percent…we were so dry!!! We were hacking, not sleeping through the night, it was awful.  A humidifier in winter is a must if you live in Canada, but do it wisely, purchase a separate indicator, don’t go by the settings on the humidifier.  If your windows are all steamed up, you’ve got to much the other way and could encounter a mold problem.  You want your house about 35% and that will be the start to keeping your mucous membranes healthy and moist and our biggest organ, our skin, happy.

Having a small water fountain also helps bring balance and the water energy in, another aspect that feng shui looks at.  In our family, I will also have our essential oil nebulizer going a few times a week.  Not all the time.  I do carry the Hubmar brand for sale.  They are a Canadian based company and I find them easy to clean and easy to switch out different oils.  If you have animals in your home you do have to be careful what you are diffusing, some can be very detrimental and even fatal to them, but not to us.

Sure, I can sell you great essential oils and great simple skin care products, but most important…start with the basics and what are you putting inside your body and what is your environment around you.  Happy Winter!

couple at a watercooler
Susan Eaton
About the Author
For many years I have made my own personally formulated lotions for myself and my family. As an advocate for all-natural products, and in my enthusiasm, I shared my product around with such a positive response that I decided to study and continue this journey to produce a unique line of ‘Natural Lotions & Personal Care Products.’ These are for you. Organic alternatives to the many manufactured personal care products from your local health food and/or drugstore.